Second cost of living payment

20th October 2022

Back in May 2022, the then Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a package of support measures targeted mainly to the most vulnerable members of society. One of the main measures was the Cost of Living support package to help over 8 million households in receipt of mean tested benefits. 

These households were set to receive a payment of £650 before the end of the year with the DWP making the payment in 2 lump sums. The first payment of £326 was made in July and it has been confirmed that the second payment of £324 will be made in November.

The money will be paid between 8 November and the 23 November. The second payment will automatically be paid into the bank accounts of those eligible in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who receive a qualifying benefit, meaning they will not need to do anything to receive the money.

Some individuals who are not on a qualifying DWP benefit may still be eligible for the £324 payment as HMRC are also making payments to those who receive tax credits and no other eligible benefits.

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Chloe Smith said:

‘Millions of families will soon see a £324 cash boost as part of our extensive £1,200 support package, helping to raise incomes and manage the rising cost of living.’

An additional one-off payment of £300 will also go to the over 8 million pensioner households across the UK who receive the Winter Fuel Payment. This amount will be paid in addition to any other one-off support a pensioner household is entitled to.

The Winter Fuel Payment is not taxable and does not affect eligibility for other benefits. The government will make these payments directly to households across the UK. This money will be paid out as top-up to pensioner households annual Winter Fuel Payment in November / December.

Source:Department for Work & Pensions| 17-10-2022

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